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Artful Newborns

The first week of your baby’s life is should be the most magical and life changing time. We know how quickly your baby will change, they only stay this little for a very little time… You only get one chance to capture your baby as they are right now… Don’t miss it!

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Newborns are super sleepy and curled up for a very short time, usually in for the first ten days, so your newborn session will ideally take place between 4-7 days of age when they’re completely innocence, so fresh and wonderful, which results in perfect images of your baby.

Lynne is an award winning maternity & newborn photographer based in South West Wales.  She is one of the UK’s leading newborn photographers, working from her delightful baby studio in Carmel, nr Llandeilo.Lynne has photographed hundreds of babies for families throughout Wales, her images are both uplifting & soulful that  capture the newness of your family and uniqueness of your baby. Find out if we have space in our studio diary for your due date below:

“​The whole experience was amazing. Lynne is a natural with babies and my 3 and 5 year old daughters loved her. The images she took are amazing and captured our children perfectly. The customer service is exceptional! Would definitely recommend!” 

Vicki Anders​


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​If your baby has already been born, please ​call the ​studio on 01269 842248 to see if we can squeeze you in!​

Are We Right For You?

Your newborn photography should be booked during your pregnancy, to ensure you have priority at the studio around your due date. Lynne’s newborn sessions are limited, due to demand unfortunately not everyone can be accommodated, while late bookings are welcome we apologise that we cannot fit everyone in.

  • 100% Satisfied Customers 🙂 Everyone loves what we do for them!
  • Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free Money Back Guarantee – You’ll be delighted or we’ll refund you.
  • Award Winning Master Photographer 2016 & 2015 Welsh Master Newborn Photographer of the Year.
  • Professional Personal Service. Friendly & relaxed professional service, from a specialist Newborn Photographer.
  • Exclusive use of the studio. So no rushing & unlimited drinks, Great Coffee & Snacks!

While You’re Expecting…

It’s important to book your newborn session as far in advance as possible, as ​ we can only accommodate a small number of newborns per week as we have to ​allow a fair bit of flexibility into our diary as babies don’t tend to arrive exactly on time!  Avoid disappointment and make sure you​ book early.Remember Babies are ideally photographed between 4 and 7  days old!

Wh​en Baby Arrives…​

​You’ll come visit me in my private home studio in the peaceful countryside, where it will be exclusively yours for the duration of your session. We’ll beautifully photograph your tiny new baby so you can rest assured those memories are captured forever in a way that will bring them flooding back clear as day in years to come.

​If you would like these irreplaceable reminders for yourself and your child it’s best to contact me just after your 12 week scan, so we can ensure you a space, as my newborn diary fills up quickly.

Maternity sessions are £89 and newborn sessions are £2​49, but book early enough and you will receive your maternity session free of charge. ​For more pricing information see our investment page, or to check availability for your session ​call the studio on 01269 842 248.

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Simple Newborn​

​Artful Newborn Session with Free Mantle Sized Frame

SPECIAL OFFER Normally £249



  • A relaxing weekday Newborn studio shoot worth £250, We’ll dedicate up to 4 hours for you and your new baby.​
  • ​​Free Mini Sibling Session​
  • ​Free Mini Maternity Session*
  • ​Professional editing of images 
  • Private cinema style viewing
  • A ​12×10 inch mantle sized gift frame
  • ​100% Money Back Guarantee (See below)

​Digital Newborn​​

Artful Newborn Session with ​Digital Image PackSPECIAL OFFER Normally £499



  • ​A relaxing weekday Newborn studio shoot worth £250, We’ll dedicate up to 4 hours for you and your new baby.​
  • Free Mini Sibling Session​
  • ​Free Mini Maternity Session*
  • ​​Professional editing of images
  • ​​Private cinema style viewing
  • A ​12×10 inch mantle sized gift frame ​
  • ​​Pack of 10 Digital Images  for you to make unlimited A4 reprints​
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (See below)

Wall Art Newborn ​

Artful Newborn Session with ​Digital Image PackSPECIAL OFFER Normally £​879



  • ​A relaxing weekday Newborn studio shoot worth £250, We’ll dedicate up to 4 hours for you and your new baby.​
  • Free Mini Sibling Session​
  • ​Free Mini Maternity Session*
  • ​​Professional editing of images 
  • ​​Private cinema style viewing
  • Pack of 10 Digital Images  for you to make unlimited A4 reprints​
  • A luxury ​20inch Gallery Canvas or Floating Frame-less Art Piece for the wall
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (See below)

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For more pricing information see our investment page, or to check availability for your session use the buttons above, or call the studio on 01269 842 248.100% Money Back Guarantee. Our personal guarantee that you will be delighted at your viewing or we’ll refund the cost of your session.

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Select Your Newborn Package

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STEP ONE) Secure Your Due Date    Simply book your ​package on the website today, we’ll  be in touch and take your due date and put you into our floating calendar, you now have priority for when your baby arrives.

​STEP TWO) Receive Your Welcome pack    We’ll then send you a welcome pack to tell you how to prepare for your newborn session and what you might like to bring

STEP THREE) Call us when Baby Arrives!Once your baby arrives call us as soon as possible so we can ensure you are prioritized in our studio diary.

“​The result from our newborn, family and sibling photo shoot are out of this world. Lynne’s professional, friendly and relaxed manner put us all at ease immediately. Her gentle handling skills are akin to a baby whisperer with our baby completely content and in very safe hands. Every detail was thought out to room temperature, background noise, warm wipes and spare nappies and refreshments for the adults too. Even our eldest who is 6 was spellbound and really played for the camera to get amazing photos. The only difficult thing was picking the end photos as they were all so beautiful. Would highly recommend and we would definitely go back in the future. Thank you Lynne and have photographs that we will cherish ♥️️” 

​Angharad Ladd​


Maternity Sessions

​Maternity photographs are a celebration of the miracle that is happening inside your body. I’m an expert at helping you move in front of the camera to show you at your best, so you can look back and remember this special time and show your child how you were there for them from the beginning, nurturing and loving them.

Full Maternity Sessions allow​ Dad and Siblings to be involved  and create some beautiful memories of such a special time.

Book Early Enough and get a complimentary Mini Maternity Session!

​Mini Maternity Sessions are Just for mum, to ​acknowledge  how  special she is and remember this time with glamorous imagery to treasure for a lifetimeSimply want just ​a full maternity Session  click here to book

“I took my daughter for her first session when she was only 6 days old. Lynne was absolutely fantastic with Sephi (and my husband who was absolutely terrified at the thought of a photoshoot). Within minutes of being there and meeting Lynne I felt completely at ease. Lynne made me feel so comfortable relaxed. Lynne has Sephi posing like a pro whilst totally content and we felt calm for the first time in days. The photos were absolutely beautiful and a inspired me to book in for a first year package too.”

Rhian Townsend​


​Who’s Lynne – Your Newborn Photographer​

Hi, I’m Lynne, your maternity & newborn photographer!I’m a relaxed, fun-loving kinda gal and there’s nothing I love more than creating beautiful imagery (truth be told I can sometimes feel a bit naked with out my camera! :- )

I adore watching mums see their beautiful newborn artwork for the first time, and knowing it’ll be with them for the rest of their lives. I feel blessed that I get some of the best moments of your babies first week during my newborn sessions, I think they’re at their absolutely best age! It’s also wonderful when I get to see them months later taking some of their first steps.  

Their first year files by and everyone will tell you how quickly they change, how fast it will seem until your baby will be sitting up, not long after walking, then running everywhere! Together we can gracefully photograph each of those special phases so you can enjoy each milestone and be confident those memories are beautifully captured forever.The Master Photographers Association  awarded me ‘Welsh Photographer of the year’ three times​. In 2014 I was also awarded Welsh Family Photographer of the year, 2015 & 2016 I ​achieved Welsh Master Newborn Photographer, so you can be confident you will receive quality images from your maternity & baby sessions.

Rest assured, your baby’s comfort and safety is my main concern in the studio and I will always instinctively listen and watch your baby carefully to see how they behave during the session, as each baby is different and I will follow their lead to see what suits them. I’m fully aware of how unfathomable your immense love for this new little bundle is, how shocked you may be that yes you did create this little person, and they’re totally yours, to protect and love. You want to remember these feelings forever, remember exactly how they look right now, how they feel in your arms, how you feel when their powerful little fingers curl around yours. You can lose yourself for hours absorbing every detail, every expression trying to commit each little thing to memory. If you would like me to help save those feeling & memories in a way that will bring them back clear as day many years later, get in touch with me after your 12 week scan, so I can guarantee you a place in my newborn baby diary.You can call me on 01269 842248 or ​fill in the form ​above, whichever you prefer.


​​Eden House, Carmel SA14 7SGStrictly by appointment only


​Tuesday – ​Thursday : 10am-6pmFriday​ – Saturday : 10am-4pmSunday – Monday : CLOSED


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