Find your sensual side and show your partner how special you are....
Our exclusive studio, it will be a female only zone, so you will immediately feel welcome and relaxed, giving you confidence to create stunning images that you & your partner will love looking at for years to come....
You may be a little nervous when your arrive, but you'll soon relax in our friendly atmosphere and by the time you leave, you'll be on cloud nine with a huge boost to your self esteem after experiencing a boudoir shoot with Lynne.
The pace of the shoot will go to your own beat, and as you become more comfortable you will start to relax and enjoy yourself. We will have spoken previously about how much skin you want to show and the types of images you would like to achieve, so please understand you are in full control of how you want to be seen.

We also offer a ​Sensual Wedding dress option see below for more details

Viewing Your Portraits

Your portraits stay safe until you return to the studio for you private viewing usually within 7 -14 days of your shoot depending on your schedule. They'll be presented on a big screen just like the cinema!

Most people love all our work! But don't panic there's no high pressure sales here, it's simply Lynne your photographer who you know, sat with you giving you any advice you might want on which images to choose and how best to display them.

All finished boudoir portraits have the option for complete airbrushing service to be applied before leaving the studio - This means that you get the same treatment that top models get, leg lengthening & slimming, skin smoothing & blemish removal etc... However, please note that we like to keep your portrait as close to nature as possible only enhancing your best features, retouching techniques on images you decide to purchase will be individually discussed with you at your viewing.

I was very nervous when I arrived but after 10mins I didn't feel like I was in my underwear. I had so my fun and I didn't want it to end, I had explained to Lynne that there was a few parts of my body I wasn't crazy about and she made sure these weren't to show. After I had left I couldn't stop smiling! Seeing the photos it is hard to believe that is me, I just felt so confident. All the photo's were amazing and it was hard to pick out which ones to order. It just goes to show that you don't have to have a supermodel figure to get great photo's, we are all different shapes and just because I'm not a size 8 it doesn't mean I can't look good in my underwear. I would thoroughly recommended Lynne, the boudoir session gives you a great confidence boost. And you have those amazing photo's to keep forever. Thank you so much



Boudoir Options:

The below session fees are for our time & talent, this gives you the flexibility to choose exactly what you want after seeing your images. The planning appointments can be done in person or over the phone.
All sessions come with a money back guarantee, that you'll be delighted at your viewing or your money back.
Prints, canvas, frames and album options are available with prices ranging from £49 for single prints to £1259 for massive wall covering artwork, for more pricing information see our investment page. When you book you will receive our Boudoir Preparation Guide & questionnaire for us to tailor the session to you and a more detailed price guide plus any questions you may have will be answered. At the end of your session we'll arrange a viewing appointment for you to see your edited images normally within 10 days time.

You may extend your session in advance by adding extra outfits to your shoot: extra outfit - £25 - Most sessions are taken Tuesday - Friday  however very occasionally we are able to offer weekend sessions.

Turnaround Times - Birthday or Anniversary Deadline???

We know you're excited about your images! But creating great artworks takes time and shouldn't be rushed, a lot of time and effort is involved in producing your final images we check each image to make sure it's perfect, before it reaches your home.

We therefore ask you allow 2-3 weeks for prints & canvas orders and 4-8 weeks for album & frame orders, if you have a birthday or anniversay deadline and need a rush service, you must let us know *before* placing the order, so we can try to accommodate you.

Petite​​ Session

​Simple, choose your sexiest lingerie and own it!



  • ​​Includes a  Pre-session planning telephone appointment
  • ​The Boudoir Experience Experience Tue-Fri 90 minutes
  • ​Hair & Makeup Styling
  • ​1 main outfit
  • ​Professional editing of images
  • ​Private cinema style viewing
  • ​Sensual Wedding dress option

Extra Outfits

This purchases your voucher, exact dates will be scheduled with the studio, any specific requirements please add your message at checkout e.g. dates, custom gift voucher etc....

​Extended Styled

The supermodel experience! perfect to create a pin up calendar.



  • ​​Includes a  Pre-session planning in person or over the phone
  • ​The Boudoir Experience Experience Tue-Fri ​​ Half a day
  • ​Hair & Makeup Styling
  • ​Up to 6 outfits
  • ​Professional editing of images
  • ​Private cinema style viewing
  • Box of 6 small art mounted prints​
  • ​Sensual Wedding dress option


This purchases your voucher, exact dates will be scheduled with the studio, any specific requirements please add your message at checkout e.g. dates, custom gift voucher etc....

​For a while he just looked at them in amazement! But after he'd got over the initial "I can't believe you did it", he just didn't stop talking about them, and I think he's had a look at them every day since then......Honestly, the whole experience, getting all made up and having the photos done was fantastic, such fun, and something I'd never have thought of doing. I think what was so great was that it was a very personal thing to do for my husband and he really was blown over by it. Thank you

Miss xxx​


Sensual Dress Art​

Our Wedding Dress Boudoir Session is perfect for wedding anniversaries, whether it's your first or 21st!​

Even if you no longer fit into your dress, there are plenty of ways to show it and you off!

You can mix your wedding dress and lingerie into any of our boudoir session​s, and have just the wedding dress by selecting the 'Petite' 1 outfit session and just bring your dress....

The majority of our clients love the results so much they opt for a peice that will be shown off on the walls of their home, bringing memories of their wedding day back each time they see it and celebrating the way they feel in their dress, and of course delighting when their friends are awestruck 🙂


​​Eden House, Carmel SA14 7SG
Strictly by appointment only


​Tuesday - ​Thursday : 10am-6pm
Friday​ - Saturday : 10am-4pm
Sunday - Monday : CLOSED